Monday, March 22, 2010

Mother Sophia / Sophia Ana


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beer Pong

Beer Pong is a drinking game which is especially popular among college students, but can be enjoyed by any group looking for anything from a good buzz to a drunken stupor. It is generally played in pairs of two, with the teams standing at opposing ends of a flat, rectangular surface. Beer Pong genelde universite ogrencileri arasinda populer, ama eglenmek isteyen herkese acik, alkollu ya da alkolsuz icki icme oyunudur. Genelde duz yuzeye sahip masa ya da benzeri bir alan uzerinde, 2 ser kisilik iki takim arasinda oynanir.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chaos of the Opposite Sides / Zit Kutuplar Arasindaki Kaos


Today I wanted to share one of the self motivated paintings that I have done couple of months before. I jave just found it while searching some stuff in my closet.

I call this painting as "Chaos of the Opposite Sides". In the nature there is always fight between each creature. Sometimes the strong side wins, sometimes the smart one. Sometimes no one wins. Each creature control this war with the oposite feelings inside.

Bugun sizlerle birkac ay once cizdigim kisisel calismami paylasmak istiyorum. Dolapta birkac esyami ararken buldum ve bloguma layik gordum.

Bu calismami "Zit Kutuplar Arasindaki Kaos" olarak adlandiriyorum. Dogada her canli birbiri icinde mucadele icinde yasar. Bazen guclu olan kazanir, bazen de akilli olan. Bazen de kimse bu savastan galip olarak cikamaz. Ama icimizdeki iyi yada kotuyu olusturan birbirine zit hislerimiz ile birlikte bu savasi her bir canli kendi yonetir.


Click on each image to see larger version of each piece.

Yakin plan:

Her bir resmin uzerine tiklayarak buyutulmus versiyonunu gorebilirsiniz.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

IF: subterranean


Illustrated for Illustration Friday...

There is always an evil part of us underlaying... Waiting for our weakest time...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Half Tone Dots


Maybe you have seen this simple creative dot effects but if you don't know how to use it this tutorial will be helpful for you.

Belkide bu kolaylikla hazirlanabilir nokta efektini daha once gordunuz. Bu efektin nasil yaratildigini ogrenmek istiyorsaniz bu egitim tam size gore.

Lets start with creating our working space. Create easily adjustable size of new document with single background. And add our object in a new layer, which we already cropped and ready to use for halftone effect.Oncelikli olarak calisma alanini yaratalim. Sabit tek renkli arka plana sahip yeni bir dosya acalim ve bu dosyanin uzerine daha onceden croplanmis ve arka plani temizlenmis, halftone efekti icin hazirlanmis olan objemizi yapistiralim.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sid Pasha & Un-functional keys...

I have un-functioned keys on my keyboard. Part of is new pillow for Mr. Sid. Please don't asked me to use number pad for a while :) His cuteness is killing me... Goruldugu uzere klavyemin bir kismi Mr' Sid'in yastigi olarak hizmet gostermektedir. Lutfen icersinde numaralar olan mesajlar beklemeyin benden bi sure.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Wine with Oscars... / Oscarlar ile birlikte sarap


March 7th 2010,It was such an enjoyable night with Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin hosting 82nd Academy Awards. Neil Patrick Harris performed at the stage with a small mix of music and dance.

It was full of first times… First African American screenwriter (Geoffrey Fletcher), first women director (Kathryn Bigelow) won the Oscars… And guess what it was hard to believe but it was also first Oscar for Sandra Bullock too… Hard to believe… So hard to believe it.

7 Mart 2010, Steve Martin ve Alec Baldwin'in sunuculugu ile 82. Akademi Odul toreni eglenceli bir aksama donustu. Neil Patrick Harris'in muzik ve dansla karisik sahne performasina denicek yok dogrusu...

Birbirinden farkli ilklerin gerceklestigi bir Oscar'i da geride biraktik. Ilk zenci yazar, Geoffrey Fletcher ve ilk kadin yonetmen, Kathryn Bigelow Oscar odulune layik goruldu. Ayrica inanmasi zor olsa da Sanra Bullock ta ilk defa Oscar odulunu kazandi. Gercekten inanmasi cok zor...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekly Freebies from "I Stock Photo"

I stock photo is giving away one free photo every week. You need to create an account to download the freebies. if you are into it here is the link. :) Enjoy your new high really high quality images. :)

Creating 3D Planets

Hello everyone. I want to share with you tutorial about illustrator’s 3D tools. I know illustrator is not a 3D modeling program but with the 3D tools you can create some 3d objects easily. So let’s create our galaxy today.


OK. Before we start we need some texture maps to put on our shapes to look like real planets. For this tutorial I am using a texture map for Mars which I got from . You can your maps online from Google, Yahoo or other search engines.

Illustrator: Disco Ball


Hello again. :) So with my last tutorial I tried to show you how to use 3D Revolve tool to create sapphire. And we created planet mars with this tool. Today I want to expand this tuttorial and want to show you how to create a disco ball. Basicaly we are going to fallow same steps but this time we are going to create our own texture map. So let’s start.


To create the right texture I am going to use grid lines as guides. If you dont see the grid lines in your art board you need to click on “show grid” option (View/ Show Grid). If you want you can adjust the spacing between each grid and subdivisions. For this adjustment you need go “Edit / Preferences/ Guides & Grids”. From the pop up menu you can adjust the spacing and
subdivisions, even the guide colors.

New Blog New Start...

Hello everyone,

After sharing 3 bottles of wine and eating 2kg shrimp with my roommate, Nea, I am super energized and couldn't sleep :) Well... And get inspired... :) Re-designed my blog. Hope you will enjoy it :) New posts are coming soon...
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